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Who we are?

Budalab, LLC is an exclusive distributor of Trace Elements, Inc (TX, USA), a leading provider of hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) laboratory services and nutritional metabolic products for doctors and health professionals of all specialties worldwide. We have been serving our Patients since 2012.

Our main goal is to make this special analytical test and complementary diagnostic method available for everyone. Our mission is to continually assist in improving patient care and response to treatment for all people with health issues.


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Our Services

If you are healthy and just need a health checkup, or if you have health problems, we are here to help you.

Hair tissue mineral analysis

We prodvide reliable and ‘user-friendly’ HTMA reports. Our reports are easy to read, comprehensive and incorporate the latest developments in nutritional therapeutics.


We provide detailed explanation of the results and your health status and a one-on-one counseling with our HTMA specialist.

Nutritional supplements

When you receive your comprehensive report, you may find that you are recommended to take specific nutrients in addition to dietary advice.  These nutrients are tailor-made to your metabolic type and current health status. You can order these supplements from our webshop.


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Monika Harmund

 Since I was a little girl I’ve always been adverse to medications. After my “awakening”, I became a devotee of a healthy lifestyle, prevention and natural treatments. I was preparing to become a pediatrician for a long time, but fate ordained that I graduate as an agricultural economist and energy specialist engineer from the Agricultural University of Godollo, Hungary. For many years, I worked in a government institution as a senior manager. In 2008, I found a second home in the United States. Here I learned the method of hair tissue mineral analysis. With the help of this tool, I found not only real health for myself and my family, but also a new vocation.

As the owner and managing director of Budalab, LLC, my main goal is to introduce the importance of this special analytic test and complementary diagnostic method to everyone.

I am a certified hair analysis specialist – I earned my diploma at the University of Natural Medicine. With my 4+ years experience and hundreds of hair tissue mineral analysis interpretations, I am certified to give additional advisory services to our Clients.